Crape Myrtle Diamond Red

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Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is a popular flowering tree known for its attractive blooms. While crape myrtle trees come in various colors, including white, pink, lavender, and purple, they are also available in shades of red.

Red crape myrtle varieties typically have vibrant red flowers that add a burst of color to landscapes and gardens. Some popular red crape myrtle cultivars include:

1. Natchez: This variety features large clusters of pure white flowers with a tinge of pink and red in the center.

2. Dynamite: Dynamite crape myrtle produces bright red flowers and is known for its long blooming period during the summer.

3. Red Rocket: Red Rocket is another red crape myrtle cultivar with deep red flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators.

4. Sioux: Sioux crape myrtle has dark coral-red flowers and exfoliating bark, which adds visual interest.

5. Red Rooster: Red Rooster produces bright red flowers and has a compact growth habit, making it suitable for smaller spaces.

These are just a few examples of red crape myrtle varieties,

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Crape Myrtle Diamond Red
₹ 380.00 ₹ 480.00