Red koduveli / Plumbago Red

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Plumbago indica, commonly known as the Indian leadwort or simply plumbago, is a flowering plant species native to the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka. It belongs to the family Plumbaginaceae and is widely cultivated for its attractive blue flowers and ornamental foliage.

Here are some key characteristics of Plumbago indica:

1. Appearance: Plumbago indica is a perennial shrub that can reach a height of 1-2 meters (3-6 feet). It has dark green, glossy leaves that are lance-shaped and arranged alternately on the stems. The flowers are typically a vibrant blue color, although white and pink varieties are also available.

2. Flowering: The plant produces clusters of small, funnel-shaped flowers that bloom throughout the summer and fall seasons. The flowers are borne on long stalks and have five petals, giving them a star-like appearance.

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Red koduveli / Plumbago Red
₹ 80.00 ₹ 120.00