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Petrea volubilis Petrea volubilis, commonly known as purple wreath, queen's wreath, sandpaper vine, and nilmani, is an evergreen flowering vine in the family Verbenaceae, native to Tropical America, that is valued especially for its display of violet flowers.

Queen's wreath, scientifically known as Petrea volubilis, is a flowering vine in the Verbenaceae family. It is also commonly referred to as purple wreath, sandpaper vine, or blue bird vine. Queen's wreath is native to tropical regions of Central and South America.

Here are some key features of Petrea volubilis (Queen's wreath):

  1. Appearance: Queen's wreath is a vigorous, woody vine that can climb to heights of 9-12 meters (30-40 feet) or more. It has attractive, glossy green leaves that are oval or lance-shaped with a rough texture, giving rise to the common name "sandpaper vine." The flowers are the highlight of this plant and are typically borne in large, elongated clusters called racemes. The individual flowers are small, star-shaped, and have a vibrant purple or bluish color, giving the vine its other common names of purple wreath or blue bird vine.

  2. Growing Conditions: Petrea volubilis thrives in warm, tropical climates and prefers full sun to partial shade. It can tolerate a range of soil types but prefers well-draining soil. This vine is relatively drought-tolerant once established and can handle periods of dryness. However, regular watering during dry spells will help maintain its vigor and flower production.

  3. Flowering Season: Queen's wreath typically blooms during the warmer months, with the peak flowering period occurring in late spring and summer. The long racemes of purple or bluish flowers create a stunning display, attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

  4. Uses: Petrea volubilis is commonly grown as an ornamental plant for its beautiful flowers and lush foliage. It is often used to cover walls, fences, pergolas, or trellises, creating a visually striking and colorful feature in gardens or landscapes. Queen's wreath can also be trained to grow as a small tree or pruned to maintain a more compact size.

It's important to note that while Queen's wreath is a stunning plant, it can be invasive in certain regions. It has a tendency to self-seed and can spread rapidly if not managed properly. Therefore, it's essential to check with local authorities or gardening experts to ensure it is suitable for your specific region and won't become invasive or problematic.


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Petria violet
₹ 180.00 ₹ 250.00