Peace and love rose

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' 'Love and Peace' is a medium-tall upright shrub, 4 to 6 ft (121—182 cm) in height with a 2 to 3 ft (60—90 cm) spread. Blooms are large, 6 in (15 cm) in diameter, with a high-centered bloom form.[2] Flowers are lemon yellow with dark pink edges, and are typically borne singly, and more rarely in small clusters. The rose has a medium, fruity fragrance and large, dark green foliage. 'Love and Peace' is an outstanding exhibition rose as well as a good garden rose. It blooms in flushes from spring through fall. The plants does well in USDA zone 7 and warmer

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Peace and love rose
₹ 120.00 ₹ 160.00