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The Jacaranda tree is a stunning flowering tree known for its vibrant purple or blue blossoms. It belongs to the Bignoniaceae family and is native to South America, particularly found in countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. Over time, it has been introduced and cultivated in various parts of the world due to its beauty and ornamental value.

Here are some key features and facts about the Jacaranda tree:

1. Appearance: Jacaranda trees are deciduous, shedding their leaves during the cooler months. The leaves are pinnate, meaning they have multiple leaflets arranged along a central stem. When the tree is in bloom, it becomes a mesmerizing sight with clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers covering its branches.

2. Flowering season: The Jacaranda tree typically blooms in spring, and the peak flowering period can last for several weeks, depending on the climate and location. During this time, the tree becomes a visual spectacle as the violet, lavender, or blue flowers blanket the canopy.

3. Locations: As mentioned earlier, Jacaranda trees are native to South America, but they have been widely planted in various parts of the world with suitable climates. Cities like Pretoria in South Africa, Los Angeles in California, and parts of Australia are known for their beautiful Jacaranda tree displays.

4. Cultural significance: Jacaranda trees are sometimes associated with prosperity, growth, and rebirth. In some cultures, they symbolize wisdom, clarity, and elegance.

5. Care and maintenance: Jacaranda trees thrive in full sun and well-draining soil. They are relatively low-maintenance once established but require regular watering during their early growth stages. Pruning should be done carefully to maintain a balanced shape and encourage flowering.

6. Seed pods: After the flowering period, Jacaranda trees produce long, brown, and woody seed pods that contain numerous flat, winged seeds. These pods can create a bit of a mess when they fall from the tree.

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Jacaranda / Neela vaaka
₹ 180.00 ₹ 200.00