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These easy-care, shade-loving perennials pop up in early spring and grow quickly. Their characteristic heart-shaped flowers bloom

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis) is a flowering plant known for its distinctive heart-shaped flowers. The most common and widely recognized variety of Bleeding Heart features pink or reddish flowers, rather than pure white.

The red-flowered Bleeding Heart produces graceful, arching stems with clusters of pendulous, heart-shaped flowers. The petals are usually pink or reddish, giving the appearance of drops of blood dripping from a heart-shaped pendant. The flowers are typically borne above fern-like foliage, which adds to the plant's overall attractiveness.

Bleeding Heart is a herbaceous perennial that is native to parts of Asia and North America. It thrives in cool, moist conditions and prefers partial shade to full shade. Well-drained soil with organic matter is ideal for its growth. The plant blooms in spring and goes dormant in summer, making it an excellent choice for early-season interest in shady gardens.

Propagation of Bleeding Heart can be done through seeds or division. Sowing seeds can be a bit slow, and it may take a few years for the plants to reach maturity and start flowering. Division of established plants is a more common method and is usually done in early spring or fall when the plants are dormant. Dividing the clumps helps rejuvenate the plant and promote vigorous growth.

As with other parts of the Bleeding Heart plant, the foliage and roots contain toxic compounds. While it is rarely fatal if ingested, caution should be exercised, especially if there are children or pets around. It is advisable to handle the plant with care and wash hands after working with it.

The red-flowered Bleeding Heart adds a striking and romantic touch to garden landscapes. Its unique and charming flowers, combined with the delicate foliage, make it a popular choice among gardeners. Whether planted in shaded borders, woodland gardens, or mixed perennial beds, the red-flowered Bleeding Heart brings beauty and elegance to outdoor spaces.

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Bleeding heart red
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