Snow rose / Serrisa Plant / 1000 star flower

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typically refers to one of several different species of flowering plants belonging to the genus Trientalis. Though these plants come from many different parts of the world, they all typically share the common trait of producing star-shaped flowers, giving them their name

Ypsophila is likely a misspelling or a variant spelling of the flower commonly known as Gypsophila. Gypsophila is a genus of flowering plants in the family Caryophyllaceae. It is also referred to as baby's breath or simply gypsophila.

Gypsophila flowers are known for their delicate, small, and abundant clusters of tiny white or pale pink flowers. The flowers are often used as filler or accent flowers in floral arrangements and bouquets, adding a soft and airy look. The fine, airy texture of gypsophila flowers makes them popular for creating a sense of lightness and adding depth to floral designs.

Gypsophila is native to Eurasia, but various species are cultivated in many parts of the world for their ornamental value. In addition to the classic white and pale pink varieties, there are also cultivated varieties with larger flowers and different colors, such as deep pink or lavender.

Gypsophila is commonly used in wedding bouquets, floral centerpieces, and other decorative floral arrangements. Its delicate appearance and versatility make it a popular choice for various occasions and floral design styles.

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